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Optimal Experience

By dissecting all of the current window covering offerings from both a product and interaction standpoint, we developed insights which led us to focus on accessibility, connectivity, familiarity, customization and energy resourcefulness as key design criteria that ultimately helped guide the technology and design development of the concept.

Control Wand.jpg


Simply twist the control wand to adjust opacity of the veil’s image.



Sliding your finger up and down on the capacitive handle will change the image’s vertical position.



Adjust pattern and color to create customized and inspired spaces that set the perfect mood by altering the color of the natural sunlight.



Set Enlighten to know when you are away and to activate an automated program for security.  Set Enlighten to wake you up in the morning and relax you in the evening with sunrise and sunset routines. 



When Enlighten is connected to your personal devices, it can alert you to meetings and appointments, calls, emails, and important push notifications.  When connected to your home devices, it can alert you to such things as doors opening, whether the oven is on, or when the dishwasher is complete.


Weather Assist


Utilizing the current weather data for its exact location, Enlighten can be set to constantly adjust the veils to allow in as much or as little natural light and heat from the sun to help maintain a desired temperature, offsetting the use of the building’s HVAC system.

By harvesting and storing solar energy to power itself, Enlighten reduces the power needs of your home – efficiently saving you time and money from the moment you install it.



In the summer Enlighten’s veils would appear more opaque to block light and heat from entering.


While in the winter the veils would appear more transparent to use as much light and heat to warm the space naturally.


Enlighten’s cost effective design is always working for you. Its minimal use of materials and components, means it is lightweight and has a low shipping cost. Because it is energy independent, it quickly pays for itself. 

If Enlighten veils can help us become more mindful within our own lives and more resourceful at home, just imagine cities with self-aware skyscrapers capable of adaptively regulating their interior atmospheres based on the external environment. The potential impact this could have globally would be extraordinary!