• Customize and quickly change out window displays
  • Provide blackout security for when store is closed
  • Streamline and optimize campaigns across multiple stores

Event Spaces

  • Transform a space with curated, custom imagery for any special gathering from meetings to weddings
  • Transition and control light from day into the evening
  • Engage guests with potential to control settings through their devices


  • Provide the optimized sunlight conditions for patients
  • Allow patients to customize their rooms and create a sense of warmth through personalized messages and images

  • Create custom soothing patterns and welcoming ambient environments throughout the hospital or facility




  • Provide full blackout capabilities for jet lagged travelers to sleep effectively
  • Give each room a unique identity or allow guests to customize to their choosing

  • Transition the hotel's decor seasonally throughout the year




  • Transforms windows into custom canvases for expression and design
  • Control light and heat intuitively in a space
  • Connect to personal and home smart devices for greater control and capability

Bar & Restaurant

  • Transition decor throughout the day's service - creating different moods for different menus
  • Control natural light for the optimal dining experience
  • Extend your restaurant's theme into an engaging active environment


  • Turn the boardroom into a presentation theater
  • Use alerts to keep you efficient and in the loop
  • Maximize lighting for optimal working conditions


  • Provide the optimal sunlight conditions for focusing and learning
  • Engage students with immersive patterns to tie to lesson plans
  • Allow for presentations on windows to engage the classroom in a whole new way


  • Project shows, movies, TV, and sports
  • Provide backdrops for plays or live shows

  • Complement any activity, from yoga to cooking classes