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Introducing Enlighten veils

the future of window coverings

Enlighten veils are energy neutral intelligent window coverings that seamlessly fit any window to create custom interior atmospheres, while adapting to constantly changing weather to efficiently manage light and heat as it enters the space.


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The brilliant

Enlighten HUB

Enlighten’s extruded aluminum hub is the brain of the system that connect the veils to you. The system uses Wi-Fi to connect to your smart devices, allowing you greater control over the veil’s appearance and settings. An array of rechargeable batteries store the solar energy harnessed by the veil to power the system at night. Enlighten’s hub has a minimal design aesthetic that allows it to blend seamlessly into any style environment.


the multi-layered

Enlighten Veil

The veil is comprised of several thin film layers.  A transparent photovoltaic layer captures the sun’s energy to power the device. The next few layers utilize enlighten's proprietary technology to control the opacity, color and design of the veil.  Enabling the veils to go from being perfectly transparent to blackout, through gray scale and full color. 

Control Wand_Parallax.jpg

The Familiar

Control Wand

Designed to be familiar, Enlighten’s control wand is exactly where you expect it to be.  Its faceted grip and fluid movement speaks to its premium quality and intuitive design.